Speech Therapy
Speech Therapy Provides One Step Towards Your Child’s Success

What is Speech Therapy?
Speech therapy is the treatment of speech or language disorders. There may be a problem with the way your child produces sounds, or has difficulty in putting words together and communicating effectively. Speech-language pathologists (speech therapists) are professionals educated in the study of human communication, trained to understand both its development and its disorders.

Who needs it?
If you’ve noticed your child stumbling over words, you may want to see a speech therapist. Maybe in a recent parent-teacher conference, the teacher has expressed concern that your child may have a problem with verbal skills or language. A child who is having a difficult time communicating and connecting with others through speech can benefit from speech therapy. There are also a variety of medical reasons why children need the help of a speech therapist, from hearing impairments and birth defects to autism and respiratory problems.

How does it work?
An evaluation by one of Steps2Strides licensed speech-language pathologists can help lead you to the next step in determining your child’s unique needs. They will be able to identify the types of communication problems and the best way to improve your child’s ability to communicate. They will introduce a variety of therapy techniques, including guiding your child through exercises and play that strengthen their speech or language skills and help them practice clear communication.
Steps2Strides Therapy Center has locations in Denison, Abilene and Paris. All locations are accepting new patients.
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