Registered Dietician
A Registered Dietician Can Bring Your Child One Step Closer to Optimum Health

What does a Registered Dietician do?
A registered dietician is an expert in both food and nutrition. They treat the child by supporting good health through a proper diet. Whether your child might require a specialized diet or support in learning to balance their weight, behavior or health, a dietician is the part of the Steps2Strides team that handles the food and nutrition of our patients.

Who needs it?
If you’ve found that your child is struggling to keep at a healthy weight, you might benefit from seeing a registered dietician. Maybe your child has been diagnosed with diabetes or asked by a doctor to be on a special diet. Diet and nutrition are an important part of our multi-disciplinary approach, and our registered dieticians are experts in assessing your child’s unique nutritional needs. Often times, children who suffer from low blood sugar or even behavioral problems can find success by altering their diet.

How does it work?
A registered dietician helps develop healthy diets, supports good eating habits and educates families on eating to improve their health. They work hand-in-hand with physicians to oversee a change in the way families use food. They can personalize a diet according to each patient’s nutritional needs, family lifestyle and specific problem areas. At Steps2Strides our registered dietician’s work with other team members to support your child’s individual developmental needs.
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