Social Worker
A Social Worker Can Provide Steps to Improve Your Child’s Relationships and Family Life

What does a Social Worker do?

At Steps2Strides, our social workers are dedicated to improving patients’ lives. They work one-on-one with children and families to support those dealing with domestic conflicts or social issues. They help to improve the social and psychological functioning of each child in order to maximize the well-being of the child and their family.

Who needs it?
Is your child having a hard time coping with their day-to-day life, having problems with their family and social relationships, or getting into trouble at school? Maybe your child or family has special issues to cope with, like disabilities, family violence or struggles to provide adequate care. If your child or family needs support to cope with challenging life situations, you may want to seek a social worker. A Social Worker can provide a bridge between you and your child’s school or help you get the care your child needs. The Steps2Strides system is designed to address the issues standing in the way of your child’s happiness and natural self--development. 

How does it work?
Social workers conduct research, advocate for services and assist patients and families in taking the steps they need to improve their lives. They often serve as a bridge between children and their families, school, teachers, or other caregivers. They advocate for the needs of the child and support parents in getting the social services needed to improve their child’s development.
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